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We are deeply
rooted in the legacy
Dr. Roger Adams.

We’ve built our core values and guiding principles around his discoveries and groundbreaking work. In 1942 at the University of Illinois, Adams made history isolating the first cannabinoid, later developing the platinum oxide catalyst, for which he received the National Medal of Science. More than any other organic chemist of his time, Adams epitomized the coming of age of organic research Syntheses and Organic Reactions in Pharmacology.


Why Build A Healthier, Happier Life With Adams?


We Love Our Products

Every Formula Is Hand-Made And Clinically Tested in A GMP Certified Lab Using All Natural, Non-GMO & Fair-Trade Organic Essential Oils.


Advanced Extraction

We Use A Supercritical Bioavailable Nano-emulsion Process, Resulting In Superb Levels Of Purity And Potency.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If You Are Unsatisfied With Your Experience, Return The Unused Portion Within 30 Days For A Full Refund, No Questions Asked.

We share a holistic vision, one where the future of humanity thrives. By adopting innovative personalized user-centric practices, cultivating sustainable organic agriculture, and giving back to the community, we think globally and act locally.

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